Achieving Entertainment Success Video Series

I have expanded my downloadable book “Achieving Entertainment Success into a number of real short videos each chock full of information. As an event planner,  you can put these ideas to work right away, and help make the job of finding entertainment easier!


(runtime 7 minutes)

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Some of the topics covered:

  • 10 ways to drive your planner crazy
  • Steak for Dinner
  • I don’t want to watch the magician
  • 3 stages in a performers life
  • A legend in their own mind
  • Breaking up is easy to do
  • Event Changers-Entertaining
  • Event Changers-Inspiring
  • How to ruin your event
  • Judged by a 4 letter word
  • Passion and the Fleas
  • The Penny Test
  • We want to be acknowledged
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