Break-IN Trunk Team Building Challenge

It has never been so easy to bring such a unique, effective team building event right to your site!
The Break-IN Team Building Challenge Trunk is one of the most effective ways that you can utilize this new, fun, exciting format to benefit your work place. This event is able to be personalized just for your individual needs. Lots of fun and positive results for a moderate investment of time and money.

Break In Trunk

Multiple formats to better deliver all that you need to succeed!

Recent polls have shown that team-building exercises like the ones The Break-In Challenge Trunk presents, are better learned and retained when participating in smaller groups. The Challenge Trunk can be experienced with anywhere from 1 to 8 participants, with 5-6 being the ideal number.

Do you want to challenge your people and yet do it in such a way that that it is fun and exciting for them? This is the way to have the lessons learned and remembered long after the event itself.

All of the fun and excitement of a traditional escape room that can be experienced anywhere.

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