Hiring Entertainment Is Not Enough


Here’s where a lot of planners get into trouble. Planning events isn’t their day-job, it’s an additional task for them. Hiring the entertainment is just another part of planning the company party.

Here is a typical event:

  • Pre-Dinner Cocktail Hour.
  • Dinner is served (usually buffet style).
  • The President of the company speaks.
  • Awards and Gifts handed out.
  • Everyone has dessert.
  • The entertainment is introduced.
  • After the entertainment, possible a DJ or band

Sound familiar? Isn’t that how it is always done?

Based on this itinerary, what have you observed in the past?

  • The introverts are absorbed farther into their walls.
  • Guests are rubbing their eyes, wondering when is this going to end.
  • Almost everyone is bored by the time the awards come around.
  • During the entertainment, a large group of guests just put up with it.
  • When the DJ starts the music, less than half of the guests are leaving.


The food alone can’t save the day. 

The event has to move. It has to flow. There has to be action. The most boring part of the event is during the time your guests are eating.

It is important to create topics of conversation (awards, fun, entertainment). You need to build an excitement level throughout the event.

Would you like to know the secret on how to make your event better than it has ever been? Ray Smerlin will not only help you find the right performer, but will also help you with the entire event itinerary. Knowing WHEN to have the entertainment is just as important!

There has to be a plan for activity that keeps the guests involved at all times. That’s why hiring the entertainment isn’t enough.

Don’t just hire an entertainer. Create a memorable event!


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