Why You May Not Want To Hire That Magician This Year

Wait! If you are not careful, you can easily find yourself in quite a predicament. I’ve seen it and heard it. These are actual situations that have happened. Our job is to keep this from happening to you.

Example #1

Company A emails a performer, looking for an upscale magician. This performer has no intention on taking this job, but is only looking for a way to put a few bucks in his pocket. So he tells Company A he will take the job. Then he calls out for the cheapest magician he can find to actually do the work without any regard to the client.

  • Plain and Simple. WE WON’T DO THIS. Your best interest is our priority.

Example #2

Charity B hires a group of entertainers for their gala. One of the performers shows up in a rumpled suit and spends more time at the buffet and bar than he does performing.

  • Every performer we work with is a complete professional. They show up looking immaculate, and they entertain others. They make it all about you and your guests. This is one of our guarantees.

Example #3

We are part of many networking and social groups in the entertainment industry. We see what others are saying. It is not uncommon to hear, at least once a week, a performer coming in to a group and this type of question. “I just got a stage show for 300 people at a corporate event. What types of tricks do you recommend I do?”

Example #4

Company C just hired a young magician because they got a great price from him. One of the effects he did on stage was a “danger act”. In fact, he had just read about this act, and learned it one week before he performed it. He brought a volunteer up on stage. Without going in to detail of the entire routine, the volunteer ended up running a knife through their hand.

  • We want to emphasize again that each and every performer we recommend has a well rehearsed and time proven set list that is appropriate for your group. There is never a question about “what should we do”.


We talk to corporate event planners every day. Many are those we have not yet done business with. In the past, a lot of these planners have not spent a lot of money on the entertainment budget. Here are some actual statements made by these planners:

We are scared to even have entertainment this year because of the experience we had last year.


The comedians we hired the past 2 years flopped.


The managers last year did not like the entertainment we picked out, what a disaster.

As Your Entertainment Partner, we guarantee you will NOT have these experiences.

Our focus is making YOUR event the best it can be, and keeping you away from the mistakes and disasters that can happen. We put people in your event who have a passion for creating a positive emotional experience for your guests. 

We assist you with ideas on where to place the entertainment, and how to make the event have energy from start to finish.

This means not being satisfied with the “200 dollar” magician who only cares about himself, or the band who will play “for the exposure”.

But we expect excellent. Do you? Part of being excellent is knowing what will work in your venue. You don’t want a comedy hypnotist at your party at the sports bar with the dj on the other side. You don’t want a 50 year old comedian for the 20 somethings celebrating their first contract.

When you are ready to experience the Worry Free brand of excellence, make contact today. Right now. Either fill out the contact form, or pick up the phone and dial 502-276-3737. 

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