What You Should Know About Hypnosis

Things you should know about hypnosis and comedy hypnosis shows.

You are wanting to bring in a comedy hypnotist for an event.  There are a lot of “hypnotists” out here.  For some, it is just a hobby.  For some, a part time experience.  And for the rest, this is what they do for a living. Ask yourself- do I want the hypnotist who primarily performs kids magic shows, or do I want the professional who is trained and knows what he is doing?

What are your boundaries with a hypnosis show.  You want everyone to have fun and laugh a lot.  The very first thing you will want to know is how their show is rated.  You don’t want an R-rated comedian for a G-rated show.

How do I know the difference from a well marketed hypnotist versus a hypnotist who is right for me? With a professionally trained and certified hypnotist, you leave little to chance.  The professional knows that his/her most crucial work starts before the hypnosis begins.

Is training important? Absolutely!  Experience shows us that you don’t want to hire a hypnotist who has “learned from a book”. Training and certification puts the professional through the educational paces. They learn first hand how to work with people on stage, and have a lot of coaching before they are out on their own.

Should I suggest possible volunteers to the hypnotist? No! The hypnotist comes out on stage and talks with the audience. Part of that talk will contain some hypnosis exercises with the audience, and will get everyone excited and ready for what happens next. There is a special dynamic in who to have, and not have on stage. The Pro will be talking to you about these dynamics.

Do the participants remember what they did and have fun while they are on stage?  They have a memory of what happened, and are aware of what is going on around them.  Hypnosis is a heightened stage of awareness.

Hypnosis Myths BUSTED!

MYTH: Hypnosis is a mysterious magic power. The TRUTH: There is nothing supernatural or magical about hypnosis.

MYTH: Hypnosis can cause you to reveal your deepest hidden secrets. The TRUTH: Hypnosis is not a truth drug, and subjects always know what they are saying and will not do anything against their will.

A Comedy Hypnosis show can be a ton of fun.  Make sure you have a great comedy hypnotist to make your event special.

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