3 Stages in a Performers Life

Do you know for sure who is getting in front of your valued clients, employees and friends?

Having produced many shows, and having spent many years working with event planners and entertainers, I would like to share an observation.

There are three predominant stages in a performers life.

The first is what I call the “Look At Me” years. They want the spotlight. Theirs is a “showing off” performance. All of the attention is on themselves. They don’t spend any time before or after the show with you or the audience. They are focusing on setting up, showing off, and leaving. They may working on new material, new tricks, new songs at your event. While they may sound good and make you laugh, it is a surface performance. No lasting memories here.

The second stage is the “Prima Donna”. You have met one or two along the way. Their whole demeanor is “I am better than you”. They have a great act. Audiences love to watch them and listen to them. The Prima Donna makes your life miserable when you bring them in. Demands. Nit Picking. Before, during and after their show they have that air about them of “don’t touch me”. And while everyone has a great time that night, there’s still a bit of a hollow feeling afterwards.

Finally, there is the “Humble Professional”. Over time, they have learned that there are real people in the audiences, and those people matter. Their show is at top performance. And they know it isn’t about them, it’s about the people watching them. They make you feel like a friend. They really care. They are approachable. They have learned that there is more to giving than receiving. This is the performer people will remember for years to come.

If you are given the choice, which one would you prefer at your next event?

I’m Ray Lawrence, your entertainment partner, and my mission is to make a difference – one event at a time.

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