Every Child Is Deserving

Dateline: Saturday, December 19, 2015. (Reposted)

Last night, and today, I personally visited two events where we had entertainment placed. The Friday night event left all of the energy sucked out of me, for various reasons. Today’s event brought the positive into perspective.

It is always a joy to work with companies who have a big heart. Today’s event was for a division of a corporation with over 400 employees. They were giving back to the employees. As I drove to their location, I had the usual “oh those greedy corporations” thoughts. Easy to do for your own employees.

In reality, not all companies see it that way.

Waiting in the lobby, I stood at the receptionist desk. As I was thinking of all of the different reasons companies hold events, this hand made thank you card caught my eye.

It turns out, this large corporation has a huge heart. Part of what they, and their employees did for others, was gather, wrap and deliver Christmas gifts to children who otherwise would never had had a present.

Pictured is a thank you card they received.

No child should ever be told they don’t deserve a “givs”. No child should ever be left believing, sometimes for their entire lives, that they are not deserving.

No matter their lot in life, someone cares. Here is a company, and at a deeper level, employees and management, that have taken the time to put forth the effort to transform lives. They are not only making a difference in the lives of children they don’t know, they are transforming the lives of those who work for them.

So who am I to question why “big corporate” holds an event for the children of their employees, the very children who DO have a Christmas, and feel deserving? Because they teach these kids, through their actions of what they do for others, we also are rewarded in other ways.

Today, this company touched me. Their example shines as to the transformational effects one can have, teaching by example.

Taking action, reaching out, and doing. That is transformational.

Merry Christmas, to one and all.

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