Hauntings Investigator

Hauntings Archeologist Anthony takes you on a hauntings investigation …


Telling the story about the hauntings at YOUR venue!

Do you ever experience that “little tingle” at the back of your mind, just before something happens or someone calls?  Have you ever had an encounter with something that goes bump in the night?  Do ghosts really exist?  Find the answers to these and many other interesting questions at your next event.

Presenting Anthony Truitt, a Hauntings Archeologist who explores the phenomena that surrounds us every day.  Anthony does not claim to be a psychic in his own right. He simply explores evidence around him, with the help from the audience. Together, looking at clues.

Anthony discovered his abilities during his research in to Aaron Darke, a notorious man who lived in the Indiana/Ohio region in the 1800s.  Mr. Darke is known for this strange habits, unscrupulous business dealings and for his suspected involvement in several area disappearances, murders and “unusual” events.

Now, visitors have a chance to see, touch and examine artifacts from his explorations at your venue, while testing their own powers of observation in a fun and mysterious way.  

  • Performance is customized to your venue
  • Historically accurate for your area
  • Everyone is involved
  • Turn your participants into haunting investigators!

 Media Kit Available Here




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