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You have a big event or party to plan. The whole burden is on you. You feel the pressure. The closer the date gets, the more harried you become.

Being under pressure can take its toll. The more details you have to take care of, the more the steam builds. This will lead to some unhappy moments in your relationships with those around you.

If you are a walking around carrying this pressure and unhappiness, bad decisions are made. The end result of the event will not be what it should be, leaving the guests not totally enthusiastic.

How can you ease those causes of panic, pressure and unhappiness?

SIMPLIFY. If you simplify your life, you create more space in your day, making it possible to reflect on your life. Remove a task. One of the most successful ways of simplifying is delegation. Find one person or group that will handle a task for you.

PAUSE. During the day, we’re completely absorbed by our senses, so we don’t pay attention to our minds. Sit in a quiet place and simply anchor your mind on your breathing. When your mind wanders, bring it back to your breath. Through this process, you learn to observe what your mind is saying.

STAY HOPEFUL. There’s no evidence that hope is hurtful, says David B. Feldman, PhD, assistant professor of counseling psychology at Santa Clara University in California. Instead, hope can greatly enhance happiness in people.

But genuine hope isn’t a yellow smiley face or the denial of death at the bedside of a loved one in hospice, says Feldman, who’s pursued research and clinical work addressing the question: “How do people maintain hope and meaning in the face of adversity?

Three components are essential for hope to thrive, Feldman says. They are having goals, as well as a plan and the motivation to achieve them. “Those who succeed don’t internalize the blame game, either internally or externally,” he says, “They ask, ‘what now?’”

If you have Simplified, Paused and Stayed Hopeful, then you will be happier. And when you are happier, the event turns out better. And when the event turns out better, your guests will be happier.

Success is getting what you want, happiness is wanting what you get” ― W.P. Kinsell.


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Part of making your event extraordinary is the behind the scenes work.  We become a valued part of your team that does the research and handles the paperwork for you. That way, you can focus on other things, making your day a little bit happier.

[Commercial Insurance Brokerage]-Needed: A unique way to entertain guests at a business open house put on for clients.

What we suggested: an upscale strolling magician who would work not only in a nonobtrusive way while entertaining, but be an icebreaker for small groups as well.

What they said afterwards: “Out of this world, the guests left raving, impressed with the way he worked in the crowds. Ray Smerlin made us feel very special.”



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