The Penny Test

The Penny Test

Making Choices

When it comes to making that final choice on who to hire for your event entertainment, the choices can be overwhelming. You have to decide if they fit into your budget, or if you should spend a little bit more. The entertainment has to fit into your culture.

By now, you’ve been presented with a lot of options. Or at least a couple of options. 

But you can’t make the decision. What if? Should I? What about?

“You will lose the opportunity to hire great by continuing to wait.”

Here’s where the Penny Test can help.

  • Take a penny from your pocket or purse.
  • Write down all of your choices. 
  • Read through them one more time.
  • Decide “heads for this”, tails for that”.
  • Flip the coin in the air.


At the moment you flipped the coin, and it was in the air, did you notice something?

You had that “a-ha” moment go through your mind, and you thought “I hope it lands for ….”.

That is your gut instinct talking to you. Go ahead, just let the coin fall, don’t look at it, and put it away.

You knew all along what your choice should be.
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