Passion and the Fleas

Last weekend, I found an abandoned kitten on a very busy road through the middle of town. Poor little guy. Monday, I took him in to my vet. While I was waiting, I witnessed a fascinating conversation with one of the vet techs, and a client.

They were talking about fleas. The client was going on about how he had 4 cats and a dog, and the fleas were out of control.

He had been trying all of the store bought remedies trying to save money. Bathing them, powdering them, spraying the carpets, bombing the house, etc etc.

“I’m just afraid to spend and spend and still have to deal with this for the rest of their lives”, he said.

Missy (the vet tech, not her real name), gently assured him there was a way to rid the house and pets of fleas, but it was not an easy task. What she had to say got my attention.

First, she was educated on the problem. No guess work. She knew what she was talking about, confidently. Not repeating words from a text book or pharmaceutical manual.

Second, she cared. She had a passion for not only not wanting pets to be suffering from this, but the sincere caring attitude for the pet owner. You could see it in her eyes. You could hear it in her voice. You could feel it from her heart.


From that passionate plea with the pet owner, you could feel the compassion she had for the animals.

Lastly, Missy, with great confidence and no bravado at all, looked him in the eye, and said “If you do what I say, it will work. I guarantee it.” ¬†She brought her experience to the table, and with conviction from past experience, put forth a plan that would bring relief to both the pets, and to the pet owner.

When it was all said and done, the client made the commitment for the entire plan. What else could he do, when presented with a solution that not only works, but the vet believes in?

You are in a position at work where you interface with people on a daily basis. Are you passionate about what you do? Does what you do make a difference in others lives? How much compassion do you mix in with your knowledge and passion?

What did I take from this encounter?

  1. Stay educated on the solutions that are offered.
  2. Be honestly passionate about what is offered to others.
  3. Be compassionate, and use experience to help others with a solution.
  4. Don’t get fleas.

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