For over seven years, Ray ‘Smerlin’ Lawrence has assisted many companies, schools and organizations in making a difference in business relationships through the medium of entertainment.

Ray and his associates will share with you a different way of looking at “hiring a magician” (or comedian, or DJ, or band, etc).

See how involvement makes the difference.

He puts all of his resources to work for you in many ways, helping you create memorable events. Learn how hiring the right entertainment for the right reasons does make a difference.

Are any of these on your goal list for the next 6 months?

  • Increasing Client Retention
  • Attracting New Clients
  • Creating Stronger Employee Morale

Throughout the year, you are looking for ways to accomplish your goals. Now, you want to find better, more effective ways to accomplish this.

Would you like to know the secret on how to make your event better than it has ever been? Ray will not only help you find the right performer, but will also help you with the entire event itinerary. Knowing WHEN to have the entertainment and WHO to hire is just as important!

There has to be a plan for activity that keeps the guests involved at all times. That’s why hiring the entertainment isn’t enough.

Don’t just hire an entertainer. Create a memorable event!

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