Your event is an extension of your company, association, group.

The speaker or entertainer you hire represents your company. They are also an extension of your business. They must act accordingly.

We are your ambassadors.

  • At the trade show, you want your brand to be given serious consideration.
  • At the fund raiser, you want to celebrate the organization you are raising funds for.
  • At the corporate party, you want to show how you care about your employees.
  • At the reception, you want your clients to see how you recognize their value.
  • Creating conversation starters, bringing people together.

As Ambassadors, you get much more than entertainment.

  • Our performers are professional in every aspect
  • Everyone we associate with values the audience and strives to make them feel like friends
  • Our performers educate themselves on your group.
  • There is never any political, religious or blue humor. Never.
  • We make everyone in the audience feel special.
  • We give you our time before, during and after the event. Being there when, and where it counts, and makes the difference.
  • Our performers exceed everyone’s expectations.

We will be your goodwill Ambassadors!

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