Three Types of Performers – Understand Who You Are Hiring

Three Types of Performers – Understand Who You Are Hiring Do you know for sure who is getting in front of your valued clients, employees and friends? Having produced many shows, and having spent many years working with event planners and entertainers, I would like to share an observation. There are three predominant stages in […]

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Your event is an extension of your company, association, group. The speaker or entertainer you hire represents your company. They are also an extension of your business. They must act accordingly. We are your ambassadors. At the trade show, you want your brand to be given serious consideration. At the fund raiser, you want to

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For over seven years, Ray ‘Smerlin’ Lawrence has assisted many companies, schools and organizations in making a difference in business relationships through the medium of entertainment. Ray and his associates will share with you a different way of looking at “hiring a magician” (or comedian, or DJ, or band, etc). See how involvement makes the

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I am here. I exist. I count for something. I want to be appreciated.  How appreciated do your clients, your employees, your guests feel at the event??? During the entertainment portion of your event, the audience is wanting to be taken away from their daily thoughts, and brought in to another world, a fantasy world,

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